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Featured Video: "Laws of the Universe", expounded powerfully by The Urban Sage
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Bodhise: Meet The Urban Sage

"We have begun again a road we have traveled on before, just lost our way a little while, and now we start again."

A Moment with Dr Bodhise - (Part 1)

What does "Bodhise" mean?

A brief background on The Urban Sage, and his Neuro-Muscular Skeletal Therapy.

A Moment with Dr Bodhise - (Part 2)

3 of the 7 Natural Healing Forces.

(The Sun; Biological Superiority of Women; Diet)


A Moment with Dr Bodhise - (Part 3)

The Laws of the Universe

"... YOU are a free, immensely powerful source of light and goodness!"


Herbs for Healing and Vitality

Short explanations of some recommended herbs by Dr. Bodhise. Visit Life Rejuvenation Formulas for inquiries and product orders.